Grade 1


Mrs. Librizzi

“I am so grateful to be a part of the community at PS 254Q, The Rosa Parks School. I believe that every child has the ability to learn and to become contributing members of the community and world in which they live. As their teacher, it is my job to engage my students, ignite their passions and provide them with opportunities for real-world relevant learning. ”

Ms. Wimpfheimer

“I enjoy leading data driven classroom discussions as well as guiding children to find the leader within themselves in the process.”

Ms. Prashad

“As an educator I believe that learning should be fun and engaging yet challenging. I expect that students give it their all because I strongly think that the formative or lower grades create the learner they will become for life.”

Ms. Aguavivas

“I absolutely love teaching. It’s the greatest joy to teach my students new things. I am extremely animated and super excited which helps the students learn and love to learn. I love coming to work and watching my students flourish and grow in all different ways. There is no better profession or more rewarding than teaching.”