Grade 2

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2-312 - L6 COMP 2 & SCI 7 GYM 2 ART 2 COM 2 MUSIC 2
2-314 - L6 ART 2 COMP 2 & SCI 7 GYM 2 MUSIC 2 ART 2
2-325 - L6* MUS 2 & LIM 3 ART 2 COMP 2 & ART 3 GYM 2 & SCI 7 COMPUTER 2


Mr. Fox

Mrs. Murphy - “I love being part of PS 254, The Rosa Parks School. I believe that every child has the potential to learn and bring something special to the world. It is my job as an educator to find their strengths and push them to the best person that they can be.”

Mrs. Long - “I love teaching all subject areas, especially my strong passion for literacy. Therefore, I am so excited this year to implement the Teacher’s College Writing Program. This is a wonderful program to teach students different writing genres and the ability to take on a leadership role in their own writing. I am so excited to watch our students grow as writers!”

Ms. Sookwah

Ms. Armano