Grade 4


Mrs. Guerra

“I genuinely enjoy my career as a teacher. I have studied at Queens College for both my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Elementary Education. I continue to challenge myself and grow as a teacher who is always looking to develop professionally and is reflective of my job. I see my job as a fulfilling one that gives me the opportunity to invest in the children of the future. In my classroom I strive to create experiences which help students develop skills that lead them to becoming life-long learners. In addition, my focus on social-emotional learning is just as important and prevalent in my classroom. I believe it is vital for students to learn and practice the skills that are necessary to manage their emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships, make responsible choices or decisions, set and plan for achievement of both short and long term goals, and showing empathy for others. I hope the experiences I provide students, help in their path to becoming well-rounded and most of all kind human beings.”

Mrs. Livingston

“As a teacher I want my students to always feel welcome and loved as they enter my classroom. All children are unique and learn and grow in different ways. I try to ensure that my classroom is an environment in which they can develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially in order to meet their full potential.”

Mrs. Sehn

“I am a dedicated teacher that encourages students to think and problem solve. In my classroom I teach students to work together and discuss solutions to math problems. I encourage them to read with passion and find their love of reading. I create a positive learning environment where children can explore, and feel comfortable asking questions. My goal is to not only teach to read, write and solve math problems, but to teach the importance of kindness, humility and leadership.”