Grade 5

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5-427 - L6* GYM 1 & ART 4 MUSIC 1 LIM 1* & COMP 3 MUS 1 & LIM 2 COMPUTER 1
5-418 - L6 COMPUTER 1 LIM 1 GYM 1 ART 1 & 2 MUSIC 1
5-425 - L6 ART 1 COMP 1 & LIM 7 MUSIC 1 MUSIC 4 GYM 1
4/5-412 - L5 GYM 1 ART 1 SCIENCE 1 & 2 COMPUTER 1 MUSIC 1


Mrs. McCarthy - “I have been teaching at the Rosa Parks School since it first opened. I am currently the grade leader of the fifth grade and the teacher of 5-418. My passion is in Social Studies and the Arts. I truly believe that in a classroom a student should feel comfortable and safe. Students are natural born leaders. At school they should practice their skills as leaders with their teacher there for support and nurturing. The more we teach them about the world around them, the more aware and proactive they will be as leaders of tomorrow. I am a proud teacher of the Rosa Parks School.”

Ms. Ghartey

Ms. Doris - "STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) is my passion! Being trained by the Algebra for All philosophy has taught me that through exploration and hands on activities first, students can learn from each other. Then, they are able to reason and challenge answers. Ultimately, they will be able to succeed independently."

Mr. Rameshwar - “I am a teacher that uses a hands-on approach to enhance learning.
My goal is to have my students become more confident within themselves in reading, writing and math. I believe they can become leaders within themselves and be proactive within their community. "

Mrs. Munnelly - “I am a Special Education teacher. My belief as an educator is that we need to teach to the whole child to make sure not only their academic needs are met but their emotional and personal needs too. I also strongly believe that every child has it in him/herself the ability to learn and grow. One quote from Nelson Mandela that I hang in my classroom every year is, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”