Grade K


Mrs. Margulies

“We are a family in my classroom. It is a safe, comfortable environment where everyone can be themselves. We spend a lot of time together so it is important to treat each other with respect, kindness and love. It is my job to help my students grow as learners and as people of good character. I LOVE to laugh and make my students laugh. Laughing makes learning even more fun and exciting! The best part about teaching is seeing the amazing growth that happens within each student from September to June!”

Mrs. Hersh

“As an educator, I believe that all of my students have the potential to learn through hard work and determination. I aim to help them reach both their academic and personal goals by creating a fun learning environment that appeals to all learning styles. It is my passion to help all of my students reach their fullest potential. ”

Mrs. Wofsy

“I am a proud teacher at the Rosa Parks School, P.S 254 Magnet School for Leadership and the Arts. An important part of my teaching philosophy is catering to the whole child. Developing social-emotional and academic skills that are age appropriate will help the students become successful in the classroom and in their lives outside of the classroom.

Mrs. Aielo

“I love teaching all subject areas, especially my strong passion for literacy.  I am so excited to watch our students grow as writers!”

Mrs. Ferraro

“As a special education teacher I believe that all students have the ability to learn, in different ways. I enjoy the challenge of working with different students of varying abilities in the classroom. Each student is unique and as a teacher; understanding their learning modality is key to making sure that they progress as a learner. All students need to be taught that they can excel in different areas in the classroom, not only in academics but in other areas such as the arts or leadership.”